The Ukraine Quilt

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Dynamic Generative NFT Project, The Ukraine Quilt

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The most recent invasion of Ukraine started on February 24, 2022. We are now at day 816.

For every day of the war, our project generates a quilt square. Each square is unique based on an algorithm and generative art code created by Kirti Schoener.

This dynamic, generative project was inspired by Vyshyvanka, traditional Ukrainian embroidered clothing. The colorful embroidery is emulated in the quilt and a close-up view reveals intricate programmed “stitches” that form the patterns in every square.

Dynamic Generative NFT Project, The Ukraine Quilt
embroidery stitches on The Ukraine Quilt snowflake embroidery stitches on The Ukraine Quilt

When the war is over, a composite of all of the squares, one for each day, will form the final quilt.

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FAQs below composite

I have continued to tweak the algorithm before minting the quilt squares. This is a composite of the current output for Days 1 - 30.

Dynamic Generative NFT Project, The Ukraine Quilt


Is today’s Day 1 square different from yesterday’s Day 1 square?

Each day’s square is generated based on a hash for that day, so the war’s Day 1 square generated today will look the same as Day 1 generated yesterday.

Are the squares collectible?

Yes. The squares for elapsed days are minted in batches. Each NFT is a unique, historic collectible.

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Is there a mint or pre-order waitlist for quilt squares?

We are not sure whether we will have a waitlist, but subscribing to updates ensures that you'll be on it, if we do.

How many NFTs are in the collection?

A new NFT is added to the collection for every day that the war in Ukraine continues. The quilt will stop growing when the war ends.

Day 23, or 740, or nnn, has special meaning to me. Can I inscribe it?

Is this a feature you would like to use? Would you like to pre-order a specific day? Would you like to be able to add text to your square? Subscribe and message us with your comments.

Is The Ukraine Quilt collectible?

After the war ends, the final quilt will be generated. It will be a composite of all of the squares, one for each day, along with blue and yellow fillers to complete the rectangle. The Ukraine Quilt will be auctioned as an NFT.

How does this help Ukraine?

Most of the proceeds from primary sales of the quilt squares and the final quilt will be donated to support Ukraine. The use of funds raised is estimated as:

Donation to Ukraine: 60-80%
Marketing and promotions: 0-20%*
NFT Marketplace / smart contract / transaction fees: 10%
Artist: 10%

*Amounts not used here are added to the minimum donation amount of 60%, increasing the donation % to up to 80%.

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