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The Ukraine Quilt by

The Ukraine Quilt

A generative collection with a square for every day of the current Ukraine war. My algorithm is designed to emulate traditional Ukrainian embroidery in each quilt square. The composite quilt grows dynamically until the war ends. Click to see more and sign up for updates.

Digital Collectibles

Unique, custom-coded, animated sports collectibles that celebrate women athletes, art, and tech through engaging motion graphics.

Meditations in Color by @niftySprite

Meditations in Color

I wrote the code that generates unique, animated mandala-like patterns. Find one that speaks to you and lose yourself in the flow. 💜
As seen at the NYC Chamber of Commerce!

California Streamin'

California Streamin' is a dynamic work that explores a period of extremely high precipitation through creative coding. I programmed the water droplets to flow in channels, bounce off rocks, and disperse into spray with varying force and magnitude, depending on daily rainfall measures (watch for Dec. 31, 2022!).

Pixel Swim...wait for it...

My Pixel Swim code guides each pixel of a picture to move and form a creative pattern. When reversed, the original image is slowly revealed as the pixels swim into place.
Collect this "Glacier Bay Blues" piece as an Infinite Object or visit Hug to commission a piece.

Crystal Caves

Glowing, creatively-coded crystals inspired by the Cave of Crystals near Naica, Mexico. Available as limited editions on

3D and Metaverse Models

I am excited to have been selected as one of Metamundo's Top 50 Metaverse Artists as I explore the world of 3D modeling. This is Amethyst Crystal Druse, as featured on and collected by Makersplace.

Digital Fashion

Two of my works are featured in the World of Women/Fabricant digital fashion drop, including the only animated fabric in the collection!

Surreal Universe by @niftySprite

Surreal Universe

I recently began exploring creating art with the help of AI (not my own code). The creations are out of this world!

the artist, Kirti Schoener


I spent 25+ years working in tech, climbing from programmer to a leadership role.

Now, I am enjoying life as a creator. I love exploring generative art, which combines my background in programming with my passion to create and enables me to create unique, thought-provoking pieces. I also create in the forms of “visual poetry”, which combines words and graphic art, and writing.

In addition, I occasionally experiment with AI and with 3D modeling for the metaverse, including as a Top 50 Metamundo artist.

I am pleased to have been honored for my work through: exhibition in Bali, NYC, Amsterdam, San Francisco and more, a piece produced as an Infinite Object, and as a 2025 candidate for a creative coding/generative art grant from the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts).


Want to know more or commission a piece? Please contact me via my HUG artist profile
The Ukraine Quilt
Kirti Schoener
(inactive) @niftySprite

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