My Art

Digital Collectibles

Unique, custom-coded, animated sports collectibles that celebrate women athletes, art, and tech through engaging motion graphics.

Meditations in Color by @niftySprite

Meditations in Color

I wrote the code that generates unique, animated mandala-like patterns. Find one that speaks to you and lose yourself in the flow. 💜
As seen at the NYC Chamber of Commerce!

Digital Fashion

Two of my works are featured in the World of Women/Fabricant digital fashion drop, including the only animated fabric in the collection!

3D and Metaverse Models

I am excited to have been selected as one of Metamundo's Top 50 Metaverse Artists as I explore the world of 3D modeling. This is Amethyst Crystal Druse, as featured on and collected by Makersplace.

No Gray Area

A collection of social justice visual poetry pieces.

Surreal Universe by @niftySprite

Surreal Universe

I recently began exploring creating art with the help of AI (not my own code). The creations are out of this world!

Motion Graphics

A creatively coded animation, explicitly made for the Exosphere.

Pixel Swim...wait for it...

Turn a precious photo into a work of art with a custom Pixel Swim.
Enjoy the surprise as your friends and family watch the pixels swim into place and reveal a special image. Visit my Hug profile to commission a piece.

Motion Graphics

A creatively coded animation, explicitly made for the Exosphere.

Crystal Caves

Glowing, creatively-coded crystals inspired by the Cave of Crystals near Naica, Mexico. Available as limited editions on

the artist


My work is inspired by several domains, including social justice, STEM, and traditional art.
Check out my NFTs on Opensea and Foundation

Two of my works were selected as materials for the World of Women/Fabricant garment drop, including an animated fabric version of Meditations in Orange 7; the *only* animated fabric in the drop! The drop was an exciting success (see more, collect, and trade here

I am also enjoying experimenting with 3D modeling for the metaverse, including as a Metamundo artist.


Kirti Schoener

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